Prof. Dipl. rer. soc. Ulrich Sollmann
Prof. Dipl. rer. soc. Ulrich Sollmann
Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, China
Title: The vibrant way to health and vitality
Each person reacts differently under stress. The individual way to overcome stress reveals a lot about the inner world of feeling and experience of a human being: about his personality, his biography and his patterns of reaction under stress. These patterns of behavior function like a survival mechanism and are rooted in early childhood experience of the person. I will explain this psychological approach and show how bioenergetic exercises can help to improve the interplay of body-self-experience , expression and social behavior.

Based on the model of different stress-profiles I will also offer guidelines of a specific bioenergetics training to cope with different situations of strain. This supports the self-regulation of the body what has an immediate impact on personal experience relaxation and his vitality.

I will also refer to my new book which will be published in China in November 2020 “Mindfulness and vitality” (East China Normal University Press)