Dr. Wang Xiaobin
Dr. Wang Xiaobin
senior lecturer and supervisor of China's empowerment sex education team, China
Title: How can sex education promote the mental and physical health of teenagers
After investigation, it is found that the lack of parental sex education in Chinese adolescent sex education, the insufficient power of school sex education, and the dissemination of wrong sex education concepts have harmed the health and psychological growth of adolescents. Therefore, we must recognize the harm of wrong sex education concepts and attitudes to the health and psychological growth of young people. This article will share some of the following experiences through the analysis of the theory and practice of successful sex education: What is the international concept of sex education; sex education concepts suitable for children's mental and health; what kind of sex education attitudes should be held; which sex education topics will be encountered at all ages, and which sex education methods can promote the mental and healthy development of young people. Through the summary and sharing of successful experiences and cases to explore how sex education can be done to promote the physical health of adolescents, promote personality growth and future intimate relationship. Sex education, which will help to apply correct concepts to parents’ family education and teachers’ daily teaching, doctor’s outpatient service, psychological counselor’s consultation and folk sex education activities. With sex education penetrated into all aspects of adolescent’s life and growth, it will promote the health and psychological development of adolescents.
Wang Xiaobin is an expert on sex education in China as one of the first senior lecturers in sex education in China, who is also a sex education supervisor, an editorial board member of the sex education series, and the editor-in-chief of a number of sex education books such as "One Sentence Education", "Sex Education Speaks This Way", "Our Body Rights", "Penguin Against Domestic Violence" and many other sex education picture book painters. Being the composer of "Song of Empowering Sex Education", she is a national secondary and senior psychological counselor certified by the National Talent Management Center. Bearing the titles of the Senior Sex and Intimacy Counselor, Domestic Violence Counselor, International Hypnotherapist, she participated in the International Hypnosis Conference in Montreal, Canada. Being the hostess of the first and second national seminars on “Enabling Sex Education” in Beijing, she made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. Recently, she has devoted herself to researching how sex education can promote the development of mental and physical health.