Prof. Dong Xu
Prof. Dong Xu
Tianjin University, China
Title: Numerical simulation of geomorphologic dynamics of fluvial braided rivers using iSWEM
Braided river is one of the most common river pattern in nature. The multi-branched shapes and alternatively distributed sand bars implies complex flow and sediment dynamics insides. The mechanism of the formation and evolution of braided rivers in nature remain unclear. In order to investigate the geomorphologic dynamics of braided rivers, a mathematical model is established, including a shallow water flow solver using the finite volume method(FVM), bedload sediment transport model, bed evolution solver using the Exner equation and drying-wetting boundary treatment. The model is incorporated into the software iSWEM and used to simulate the bar formation and braiding process of a fluvial river imitates from a flat bed. The simulation results comply with the real development of braided rivers in nature.
Dong Xu. He has been a Marie Curie Fellow under the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union and worked as research fellow in Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom. He is an Associated Professor in Department of Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering of Tianjin University, China. He is also a member of State Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering Simulation and Safety. His research interests involves sediment transport in river and coastal environment and fluvial morphology. In 2016, Dr Xu was awarded a prize by the Supercomputer Center of China because of his outstanding application of High Performance Computing in simulation for flow and sediment transport.